Fifth-Generation Idol Garners Attention For His Past Videos Playing The Cello

We love an all-rounder member!

An online community board post recently gained much attention for past videos of a fifth-generation idol. The videos were of none other than RIIZE’s Anton playing the cello while attending school overseas. Let’s check out the videos, shall we?

Guys…a video of Anton Lee playing the cello exists…now that I’ve seen this I need content of him playing the cello.

A rare video of Anton playing the cello…I’m cryingggg.

Omg I’m so happy I’m crying…I love seeing him perform.

I love how he starts off being a smiley cutie in the beginning, but as soon as the conductor raises his baton, he focuses right away.

I love seeing a full shot of him…and how he’s right in front of the conductor too…I’m overwhelmed seeing this this morning…

Netizens that saw the videos were amazed at how talented he was in various fields!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “If he lived a normal life, he probably would have gone to a really prestigious university in the States, so I feel regretful for no reason. He left his life in the States to come to Korea to pursue music, so I hope things get better for him going forward. I feel like I’m becoming his dad, lol.”
  • “Regardless of whether he’s good at it, I think he is a good match for the cello. I think Yoon Sang maybe wanted him to do music too, but was more worried because he said he wanted to be an idol.”
  • “He holds the wand in a unique way.”
  • “How is this fifteen-year-old looking so professional lol.”
  • “What is all this talent? Playing the cello, then swimming, then becoming an idol!”
  • “This setting is crazy…and to think he was only 15 in the video. Look at his physique.”
  • “I like him the more I see him.”
  • “Anton’s unique expressions are so cute. He definitely has the talent in the arts and physical education. When I first saw his performance at KCON, I was a little worried about how he would dance, but I could see he was really improving his dancing skills.”
Source: theqoo