This Korean Man Created A “Drop Box” For Babies For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

He does what nobody else wants to do.

Every year, hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned in Seoul, left alone to face the world. Pastor Lee Jong Rak does everything in his power to prevent that, and save those who would otherwise face certain death.

Photo: Pastor Lee Jong Rak


In 2009, Pastor Lee built a “Baby Drop Box,” a warm, comfortable box with a motion sensor that connects to his home. Here, people can anonymously drop off their unwanted babies. Since opening, thousands of babies have been saved from being left for dead on the streets.

“I didn’t really expect any babies would come in…” — Lee Jong Rak


The abandoned babies are taken to Lee Jong Rak’s organization, the Jusarang Orphanage, where they are raised like his own children. It doesn’t matter if the baby is mentally disabled, handicapped, or deformed; Pastor Lee loves every baby that he cares for.


His quest to save unwanted babies has been documented in the film The Drop Box. Directed by Brian Ivie, the film highlights the story of Pastor Lee Jong Rak, but it also sheds light on the global issue of baby abandonment.


Make sure to watch the inspirational trailer for The Drop Box below and spread awareness on the issue of child abandonment.