Peek Inside MAMAMOO Hwasa’s New $2.3 Million USD Home (+ See Scary Reason Why She Moved)

Her new space is the perfect fit.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa just moved into a new $2.3 million USD home you’re sure to be envious of. Take a peek inside at the modern furnishings and find out the real, troubling reason why she had to move to a new place.

According to Seoul News, Hwasa’s high-end villa apartment is estimated to be worth a staggering 2.7 billion KRW (around $2.3 million USD)! When you look around at the large space and modern décor, you can see why it cost so much.

Hwasa’s new apartment has a natural, chic vibe with plenty of wood tones and neutral colors. Her bedroom features a comfortable-looking bed, thick curtains to block out the sunshine in the morning, and a tall plant to bring the outside indoors.

Despite having a bedroom, Hwasa was seen sleeping in the living room on this episode of I Live Alone. Her corner couch must be pretty comfortable. Though she had her blinds drawn, you can see just how big her floor-to-ceiling windows are.

The living room is open-plan, joined with the kitchen. The kitchen is furnished with wooden cabinets, a built-in refrigerator and oven, and dark granite counters which transition into a desk. The dining space also has a pechka and arcade machine.

Hwasa’s balcony extends from her kitchen-living space.

It’s slim, but it has enough space for her to sit and enjoy the view with a morning coffee and breakfast.

And, of course, her apartment features plenty of cute pics with her MAMAMOO members.

Unfortunately, Hwasa didn’t just move for a change of scenery. On I Live Alone, she revealed the true reason she left her old home—safety.

Hwasa used to live in Jangan-dong, a neighborhood known for its old-city feel and close proximity to Gangnam. However, her home there had very poor security. Some people even managed to find out her exact apartment address, putting her at risk of a break-in from sasaengs (stalker fans) and criminals.

So, she decided to move to a new place that not only had a better view but also better security. Hopefully now, Hwasa will be able to keep her address private as it should be.