Penomeco Discussed Working On EXO’s “Tempo” And Gave A Special Performance Of The Song

He made sure EXO wouldn’t mess up their tempo.

During an interview with Yu Hui Yeol on Yu Hui Yeol’s SketchbookPenomeco was asked what was the most successful song he had worked on.

His answer was none other than EXO‘s “Tempo”. He even shared his thought process while working on the song.

Taking into account EXO’s breathing while dancing, Penomeco worked on “Tempo” with the idea of how they would perform it effortlessly on stage.

He also shared a special performance of the song.

He really thought deeply about how EXO could shine even more on stage and made many changes to make sure it would happen.

You can listen to Penomeco discuss EXO at 0:40 and check out his rendition of “Tempo” here.