PENTAGON Hongseok’s Jaw-Dropping Men’s Health Cover Gained Him One Unsurprising Idol Fanboy

Hint: it was the “man tiddies” that got him.

PENTAGON‘s Hongseok broke the internet with the his shirtless cover of Men’s Health Korea on June 20.


Hongseok is a certified bagel boy: cute face, but killer body. That pure muscle body of his caught the attention of the biggest idol muscle enthusiast in the industry: KARD‘s BM. He didn’t waste any time and commented on the post to let Hongseok know just how glorious his “man tiddies” were.


BM has become sort of the official-unofficial spokesperson for muscular idols, “man tiddies” being his area of expertise. According to his fellow PENTAGON members, Hongseok is an avid fan of KARD, so we’re sure this shoutout from BM meant a lot to him.