PENTAGON’s Kino And ASTRO’s JinJin Share Where They Think They Will Be In 10 Years

What does the future hold?

On the last episode of PENTAGON‘s Kino And ASTRO‘s JinJin DIVE Studios’ podcast UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO, the duo had one last look in their question box looking back at some of the best moments of their series.

However, one question took the pair into the future, asking where they saw themselves in ten years.

It initially seemed like a daunting question, so Kino suggested that they first try and predict the future for each other.

JinJin was up first and believed that Kino will still be in the arts, but thought on a much bigger scale focusing on his co-host’s songwriting skills.

Songwriting is an art, but I think you’ll have matured artistically. A photo exhibit? Or even more, like a full museum, and he’ll fill it with his own works.

— ASTRO’s JinJin

It seems as if great minds think alike as Kino pointed out that it was similar to his dad’s dream for a “Kino Museum.”

Kino looked more at JinJin’s personality and, as it’s been almost ten years since the two first met, that there won’t be much of a change.

I think you’ll still be really passionate and focused and pursuing what you’ve planned.


No matter what happens in the future, there is no denying that both idols will shine in whatever they do. Hopefully, they will still be creating music and putting smiles on fan’s faces.

You can watch the whole podcast below.

Source: DIVE Studios