PENTAGON’s Kino And Shinwon’s Struggle With The Multiplication Tables Was Hilarious, But Not For Wooseok

The struggle was real.

A clip from the travel program Come Together shows PENTAGON‘s Kino, Shinwon, and Wooseok being quizzed on multiplication tables, making fans laugh at Kino and Shinwon’s slight struggle to remember their times tables.

The three members were tasked with answering questions correctly to complete a round, but Kino was already feeling hesitant before the game even started, jokingly warning the other two that they would not be able to go home that day. And as he predicted, he started the game somewhat on the wrong foot.

The boys managed to each answer a question correctly and finish one round, but Kino continued to struggle.


After another rough start, another round was completed successfully. But then Shinwon tripped up, making Wooseok hilariously impatient…

…and it didn’t end there. Wooseok was almost at his limits, which is understandable given the cold weather they had that day. He scolded the guilty members, and Kino’s self-aware reply to his scolding was hilariously peak sibling energy.

Unfortunately, at the end of the video all three of them still seemed to be trapped outside in the cold due to Kino and Shinwon’s failure to get the questions right.

All of this was made all the more funny by a comment Kino made on live stream when a fan said that they didn’t think PENTAGON is bad at games—and Kino disagreed.

You can watch their struggle in the video below—and hope that things ended well for Wooseok!