PENTAGON Reveals Exactly How The Adorable Little Kids Who Played Hui & Wooseok Were Casted

The Hui & Wooseok minis were picked carefully.

In their latest music video “Humph!” PENTAGON‘s Hui and Wooseok play classmates and mortal enemies. To fully capture the childishness of the song, two little boys were cast to play cute but angry kid versions of Hui and Wooseok.

If you want to find the perfect pair of kids to play Hui and Wooseok obviously height had to be a factor. Wooseok, while being in PENTAGON’s maknae line, is the tallest member at 6’2″ (189cm), and hyung line Hui is one of the shortest members at 5’6″ (172cm).

In an episode of Arirang TV‘s After School Club, Hui revealed that the kids are actually 3 years apart. The kid who played Wooseok is in 4th grade while the kid who played Hui is in 1st.

The kids’ age difference is interesting considering that Hui and Wooseok have an age difference as well, but their’s is the opposite – Wooseok is 20 & Hui is 25! If anything “Humph!” teaches us two things: 1, height and age can be completely unrelated and 2, best friends can come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, no matter how unlikely.


Watch Hui and Wooseok go from mortal enemies to BFFs in the “Humph!” music video below: