PENTAGON Members Screamed In The Middle Of The Night After Seeing This Object In Their Dorm

“It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.”

The PENTAGON members shared a frightening story of discovering a pair of scissors taped onto their wall during a fansign event.

Jinho began to explain the situation on that day.

Yuto and Yeoone already went into the home and I arrived about 30 seconds later. As soon as I opened the door, the members were like, ‘hey, hey…!’ and was pointing at something on the wall.

ㅡ Jinho


Getting scared by the members’ reaction, Jinho ran over to where they were and turned back to look at what they were pointing at and found a big pair of scissors taped onto the wall.

I looked back and on the upper right side of the front door, a big pair of scissors was taped right onto it.

ㅡ Jinho


The scariest part was that they were the last to leave the home and the first to return.

But you know, we know our schedules. We were the last to leave and the first to come back to the room. But the scissors were taped on there.

ㅡ Jinho


Jinho continued to explain that they immediately called the other group of members in the other dorm after sending them a photo of the scissors. The other group of members was also shocked to see the photo.

I guess their room was dark when they were looking at the photo but as soon as they checked it, all of their lights came on.

ㅡ Jinho


They were worried that someone may be hiding inside their home.

Because we locked the house before leaving and then unlocked it to come in. So someone could be inside. So we checked every corner of the house.

ㅡ Jinho


Finally, the next morning, they found out that the landlord of their home wanted to sell the place and according to superstition, if you tape scissors above the front door, your home will sell faster.


The members even shared the picture of the scissors to show how big it really was.


When fans asked how they found out, Jinho explained that Wooseok searched online.

He searched something like ‘scissors above front door’ and there was only one post and it was apparently a myth. So we contacted the landlord. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.

ㅡ Jinho


Listen to the full story below:

Source: Youtube