PENTAGON Share Thoughts On First Comeback Without Members Hui And Jinho

It is their first comeback without the two eldest members!

PENTAGON has just come back with their 11th mini-album Love Or Take with the title track “DO or NOT.”

Not only is it their first track since they released “Daisy” last October, but it is also their first comeback without the two oldest members of the group. Although Jinho enlisted last May, it will be the first time PENTAGON will be without leader Hui who started his service last month.

During their online showcase, the members discussed their feelings about promoting their new album without Hui and Jinho.

PENTAGON’s maknae Wooseok explained how different it felt without Hui being there and how he is still not used to the fact that their leader is not there.

Many of the other members had similar sentiments pointing out how much of a void is felt from Hui and Jinho’s absence, with Hongseok feeling, “Like something is missing.”

It seems as if the absence of two of their key members has motivated the others to work even harder on stage for their fans! Shinwon even added that “We will be participating as much as 1.5 people.

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For both the group and the fans, Hui and Jinho were vital members of the group. With their enthusiasm and motivation, the members hope that they will perform in a way that makes their fans and hyungs proud.

We want to promote such that when people see us perform, they will think, “there was no need to worry really.

— PENTAGON’s Yeo One

Kino tried to see the positives pointing out that, since Hui and Jinho are not there joking, “The average height of the group has increased,” because they were the two smallest members.

You can watch PENTAGON’s video for their track “DO or NOT” on their YouTube channel!

Source: Xport News