PENTAGON Shares Behind The Scenes Stories From Their New Music Video “DO or NOT”

It seemed like a lot of fun!

PENTAGON has just released the music video for their new track “DO or NOT” from their 11th mini-album LOVE or TAKE.

PENTAGON held an online media showcase to celebrate the release of their mini-album, and, during the stage, members of the group revealed backstage stories from the video shoot.

| @CUBE_PTG/Twitter

In one of the scenes, Shinwon can be seen performing a magic trick and shared that he was actually taught the trick by someone on set for 20-minutes to try and master it!

Unfortunately, the trick did not make it into the music video despite Shinwon working very hard!

I’m worried that I focused so much on the magic that I didn’t think about my visuals.

— PENTAGON’s Shinwon

Yuto also spoke about the scene where some of the members can be seen curling. He explained how, even though it looked like real snow, it was far from the soft substance fans might expect!

 I tasted it and confirmed it was salt!


As the main dancer of the group, Kino focused more on the choreography for the dance. In particular, he focused on the part of their dance that was expressed in sign language, “It meant ‘I like it,’ and it was a move where we rubbed the tip of our nose.”

It was also the first performance the group has done since their leader Hui enlisted in the army last month. Although fans will not see Hui during the comeback performances, he can be seen in the new music video and the album!

You can check out the video for PENTAGON’s new song “DO or NOT” on their YouTube channel!

Source: Naver