PENTAGON’s Wooseok Reveals His Feelings During The Groups’ Emotional “Road To Kingdom” Performance

It was unforgettable for many reasons!

When a K-Pop idol has to fulfill their mandatory military enlistment, it is always an emotional time for both the fans and their members.

It was no different when PENTAGON‘s eldest member Jinho enlisted last year. However, it happened on a much bigger platform as the group was participating in Mnet‘s Road To Kingdom at the time.

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Although none of the other groups involved initially knew what was happening, PENTAGON performed a beautiful mash-up of their songs “Shine” and “Spring Snow” to send Jinho off.

In particular, there was a moment in the performance where the members surprised Jinho by sending video messages wishing him good luck.

In a recent interview, youngest member Wooseok explained his feelings ahead of the performance.

We had dedicated that stage to Jinho. I couldn’t help but think that he would cry in certain moments.

— Wooseok

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It wasn’t only Jinho who was very emotional during the performance, and Wooseok explained that the members were both happy and sad while on stage.

He (Jinho) cried so much on stage. So, I couldn’t help but tear up. I couldn’t settle my emotions even when we were back in the waiting room.

— Wooseok

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There is no denying that it was an emotional performance for both PENTAGON and their fans. It is also a performance that will never be forgotten!

You can watch the whole performance below.

Source: 아이콘칩스 icon Chips