PENTAGON’s Hui Reveals His Standard On How You Know You’ve Worked Really Hard

Hard work and dedication is the way to go!

PENTAGON’s Hui believes in working very hard in order to achieve your dreams. He has touched on his opinions regarding working hard through various live streams and interviews and is grounded on his belief about putting in the effort.

Recently, a video clip of Hui talking about his standard for working hard was posted on an online community board and received much attention from fans.

In the video, he reveals that working hard is very important when it comes to going after your dreams. He recommends people who have found their dreams to work super hard towards achieving it.

He understands that the standards of working hard are different for everyone, but in his case, he believes that you have only truly worked hard enough if you are terrified of working hard like that all over again.

If you feel truly scared to go through all the hardships and struggles of working hard, that is how you know that you have really worked hard.

He gives the example of if someone reaches level 1 after working really hard, but they want to reach for level 3. But even the thought of having to work hard to get to that level again scares you to death proves that you have genuinely worked hard the first time around.

This type of mindset just shows how much effort and work he puts into his career. We definitely need more people like this in the world!