PENTAGON’s Wooseok Under Controversy For Cellphone Background About “Pu**y”

Fans are in a hot debate over whether he could have known what it meant.

Fans spotted PENTAGON‘s Wooseok using a controversial background image for his messenger app and are now stirring up a hot debate over whether the K-Pop idol knew what it means to have used it as the background.


On an episode of Pentagon Maker, Wooseok was filmed messaging his group members on Kakao Talk, a messenger application that allows the users to choose their chatroom background images.


Fans noticed that Wooseok used a picture of A$AP Rocky that was released as a part of a look book for the brand Golf Wang. The controversy sparked from the quote that the American rapper included in this picture.

“Pussy makes me smile. I love the different colors of pussies and I don’t care if the pussy is shaved or not.” — A$AP Rocky


Fans responded in mainly two of many ways. Some remained shocked by the fact Wooseok chose this specific photo, skeptical that he didn’t know what the English portion mean. Others came to his defense, stating he probably didn’t know what the quote implied and chose the picture because of A$AP Rocky himself or the vibe of the photo.

  • “But if it’s a quote from an artist you like, wouldn’t you want to know what he said? Wouldn’t you have translated it to find out?”

  • “I don’t think if he knew he would have shown it to the camera like that.”

  • “The word “pussy” is repeated three times in the quote. I would definitely want to know what it meant.”

  • “If he really likes hiphop and rap, he could have known.”

  • “How could you not know though…?”

  • “Doesn’t matter if he knew or not. Either way, this isn’t good.”


Neither Wooseok nor the agency have responded to the controversy.

Source: Instiz