PENTAGON’s Wooseok Reveals The Hardships Of Being An Idol

It is a double-edged sword!

It is well known that a K-Pop idol’s life is not easy with busy schedules, high expectations, and a lot of sacrifices.

On the latest episode of DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO, hosts JinJin and Kino were joined by members of their groups ASTRO (Rocky and Sanha) and PENTAGON (Wooseok).

| @thedivestudios/ Twitter

During one of the segments, the members all took part in a Q&A! Wooseok’s question was, “What was a moment you felt proud to be an idol?

PENTAGON’s maknae started by explaining that the thing that makes him proud is actually something that might seem small but means a lot to him!

Whether in the studio or on stage, he always wants to entertain people! Fellow member Kino then went on to say how Wooseok is not only talented in writing songs and performing, but he is also an excellent recorder.

He then went on to add that there are sometimes moments that he feels troubled, and it is something that he believes all idols can sympathize with. As an idol, there are things that you have to give up. Wooseok explained that one of those is being with your parents!

ASTRO’s Sanha then went on to add that he didn’t even have his own room at home because he is rarely ever there.

Kino agreed that everyone could relate to the feeling of not being able to see your family. He perfectly summarized the thoughts that many idols have, and that was, “We have to give up as much as we gain!

The full clip can be watched below!