PENTAGON’s Yanan Had Some Thoughtful Things To Say About Beauty Standards

He shared introspective and insightful thoughts on how we all perceive ourselves and why we shouldn’t pressure too much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way

Last year, PENTAGON‘s Yanan did a solo VLIVE in which he shared many sweet and interesting thoughts on the high expectations that many people tend to have of themselves.

Like most idols, Yanan has faced a lot of pressure to look a certain way, and he explained how, for a long time, he felt like he had to worry about many small details that could potentially affect his appearance—details such as not eating certain foods or not sleeping late to avoid having a puffy face the following day.

But at the end of the day, Yanan explained, people don’t really notice whether one has a puffy face or not. People only see you as a person, not as assortment of good or bad features. So what matters most, ultimately, is that you are yourself, because who you are is the one thing that will always remain constant.

If you want to eat, eat. if you want to sleep, sleep. If you can’t sleep, don’t sleep. If you can’t eat, don’t eat. Even if you’re swollen, you’re the only person who cares, people honestly can’t tell. They don’t know about the things you worry over. People see you as a whole person, they don’t see things like your eyes are swollen, face is swollen etc. You are you. Even if I get more swollen, Yanan is still Yanan. No matter how fat or skinny I get, Yanan is still Yanan. No matter how beautiful or ugly, Yanan is still Yanan. I think there’s no need to care about these things because it’s really not important… I think people much prefer someone who’s real.

— PENTAGON’s Yanan

Ultimately, according to Yanan, we’re all human, and so we’re all going to have good days and bad days. Therefore, there is no point in putting too much pressure on oneself.

Yanan ended his pep talk with a little laugh at himself, saying, “I’ve grown a lot, haven’t I?” No doubt he went through a lot to get to this place of self-acceptance, so his words provide us with a very interesting perspective on the way that we perceive ourselves, as well as the way we push ourselves when it come to our physical appearance. Fans are sure to find his words heartwarming, and hopefully encouraging too.

You can check out the Twitter thread with the full translation of Yanan’s talk on this subject below.


Source: @wookiyus/Twitter