“Penthouse” Actors Park Eun Suk And Eugene Share The Difficulties They Had During Filming

Their friendship is adorable!

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The Penthouse stars Park Eun Suk (Logan Lee) and Eugene (Oh Yoon Hee) recently shot a pictorial together and sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan!

The two are preparing for the return of the second season of the hit SBS K-Drama, The Penthouse 2. Their characters are expected to play key roles as they seek revenge against the villains of Hera Palace.

Park Eun Suk was asked about his chemistry with Lee Ji Ah (Shim Soo Ryeon) during filming, as many fans wished for their characters to be together.

I don’t know [about a romance]. A lot of people are looking forward to their chemistry, but honestly, they have kind of a complicated relationship. He’s Min Seol Ah’s stepbrother and she’s Min Seol Ah’s biological mother, so it’s a bit of a difficult relationship. However, nothing’s guaranteed.

— Park Eun Suk

While Park Eun Suk is filming The Penthouse, which is returning for a third season, he is currently starring in the play, Amadeus. He said that it’s hard doing both at the same time but he loves doing it. It’s like training different muscles. He explained, “Sometimes you train your bottom half, sometimes you train the top half. Sometimes you take up heavy lifting, sometimes you do light exercise.

No matter what, Eun Suk just loves acting and being busy.

I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was young and I’ve been running toward that goal ever since. The more I act, the more ambitious I get toward acting. There are more things that I want to express, more details that I’ve learned. All of the things I couldn’t express when I was young, I want to express them again in different ways.

— Park Eun Suk

He finished with advice for fans, “If you really want it, the universe won’t turn it away.” Meaning, if you’re really passionate about something, you can and will get it.

Eugene, who grew up in Guam, talked about speaking English with Eun Suk, who grew up in the United States. She said that she met him for the first time on the Penthouse set, but grew close to him quickly. They both were comfortable with each other as they could both speak English and had experience growing up abroad.

This is an interesting fact as her character does not speak English and often fumbles over her words when she has to speak in English to Logan Lee. She expressed that it was surprisingly hard to pretend she couldn’t speak a language she was fluent in.

She shared, “It’s a kind of acting that I’ve never tried before. I thought a lot about how I should pronounce the words to make me sound awkward.” She mentioned that Eun Suk stood by her and encouraged her a lot during those scenes.

She was then asked about her speech at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards, where she said that she was worried about The Penthouse as it was her first project in 5 years. She took a break to take care of her second child and in that time she became somewhat of a worrier.

I lost a lot of confidence prior to starting [The Penthouse]. Before, I did a lot of cheerful, light characters, so I was worried whether I could hold my own in such an extreme drama. The director, writers, and cast told me again and again that I would do well. I had a lot of fun filming, and the results were good, so I’m grateful. It helped me realize how fun acting could be.

— Park Eun Suk

The Penthouse Season 2 began airing on February 19.

Source: Cosmopolitan