People Agree That Even BTS Jin’s Nail Are Perfect

He has no flaws.

Netizens and fans alike have gone crazy over Mr. Worldwide Visuals, BTS‘s Jin. From his lips, to his nose, to even his eyebrows, many agree that his visuals are to be adored. But now, fans spotted a rather, er, odd part of his body that they have deemed perfect.

His fingernails.

With his long and beautiful fingers, his nails stand out for being clean and cut well. People are saying he was born with everything perfect!

Some fans have joked that maybe his toes are ugly, but people doubt it. Jin was born perfect head to toe for sure! The world is truly unfair, how can the rest of us look like potatoes while Jin has perfect nails (and everything else)?

It seems that he was born with every aspect perfect. What did he do in the past?

– Korean

Source: TheQoo