People Agree That EXO’s Baekhyun Is The Best Example Of A Perfect Idol

He is the standard idol.

Many netizens have spoken up and agree that EXO‘s Baekhyun is the standard idol.

Not only is the idol an amazing vocalist, but he is also a great dancer. On top of that, many agree that when he’s on stage, he can bring a variety of auras thanks to his expressive movements and facial expressions. Many agree that he can digest any concept well.

EXO-L’s also comment that his puppy visuals can bring in fans from any age group, no matter the gender. People say he also has a puppy personality, which means he is both sweet and heartwarming.

In terms of his looks, people agree that he’s adorable. With fair skin, droppy eyes, and a high nose bridge, he’s the epitome of adorable. Fans also comment that he has a good body proportion, with broad shoulders, wide hips, and long legs.

Long time EXO-Ls recall how Baekhyun was a trainee for less than a year and hurriedly made his debut, but still managed to be a top-tier artist who can sing well, dance well, and act well. Now, he’s even in another group, SuperM! Baekhyun continues to prove he’s a genius idol, and fans can’t wait to see what more he can bring to the table.

Source: Pann