People Are Saying This YouTuber Looks Like Irene From Red Velvet

People are going ROSEHA, a Korean beauty vlogger, who has more than 13 million views on her channel for her uncanny resemblance to Irene.

And who would be surprise? After all, people are claiming that she looks like Red Velvet’s Irene!

In fact, she recently did a make up tutorial based on Irene’s look in “Peek-A-Boo”. For your approval, here are some comparison photos. First up, Red Velvet’s Irene:

And ROSEHA’s version of Irene:

To those who might say that any resemblance is due to ROSEHA trying to look like Irene, don’t be too sure!

ROSEHA’s Instagram page shows off her beauty in a range of different styles based on different idols like IU and others that are just plain daily makeup looks.

And a comparison of photos between Irene and ROSEHA in similar styles may further convince people.

First, Irene in a wide-brimmed hat:

And now ROSEHA:

Irene in her summer vibes:

ROSEHA in her summer vibes:

At this point, even Irene may be surprised!

Below, you can watch ROSEHA’s full Irene make up tutorial and truly see for yourself!