People Can’t Believe These Two Idols Aren’t The Same Person

They’re even from the same group!

If you are a ReVeLuv, then you already knew the headline was referring to Red Velvet members Wendy and Irene! The two girls have been leaving people feeling confused over who is who, especially after they both styled their hair to have bangs. It’s not just casual K-Pop fans who are struggling to tell the girls apart, even hardcore ReVeLuvs are experiencing some difficulty identifying them! Although, this isn’t the first time people have confused Irene for someone else.

Aside from both of them having bangs, there are striking similarities between the girl’s faces, from their immaculately groomed brows to the shapes of their eyes and mouths. Fans have been posting shots showing that the two girls undisputably look alike, with new fans of the group even speculated that Wendy and Irene must be sisters!

As if that weren’t enough, it’s not just their visuals that people find shockingly similar, but also their cute behavior and the way they laugh!

Although Wendy and Irene are definitely different people, and to the surprise of many, aren’t actually sisters, they certainly are sisters at heart! ❤️

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