People Can’t Get Over How Beautiful TWICE’s Mina Looks Even When She’s Crying

Mina is beautiful even when she is crying!

People have been amazed at how beautiful TWICE’s Mina looks even when she’s crying.


She looks like a gorgeous movie star who’s been heartbroken by the tragic male lead!


Those big eyes filled with tears make her eyes twinkle with a mesmerizing charm.


It looks like jewels are falling down her face.


She looks as if she just popped out of a fairytale!


And watching her cry makes you want to go give her a big hug.


Mina’s always been know for her astounding beauty. She carries herself with so much grace and sophistication.


She’s been nicknamed the “Black Swan” because of her soft beauty.


But how is it that someone can cry so gracefully and beautifully?


Only Mina has the ability to make people love her even when she’s crying!


Fans have praised her for her jewel-like visuals and elegance even when she is crying!

  • “I love Mina’s unique elegance”
  • “Wow, that’s amazing…how can she cry so beautifully…”
  • “Daebakㅜㅜ”
  • “Mina is so so so pretty but I don’t think people know how pretty she is so I’m sad…You see, if you see her in person, she looks even more exotic and beautiful…”
  • “She looks more like an actress than an idol”
  • “What do you mean she’s pretty when she’s crying…ㅋㅋshe’s f*cking pretty when she’s just there”
Source: Pann Nate