People Can’t Stop Freaking Out Over How Handsome VICTON’s Jung Subin Is

His visuals will make your jaw drop.

Boy group VICTON recently shot up in popularity after two members — Choi Byungchan and Han Seungwoo — participated in Mnet‘s Produce X 101. After netizens looked into the group, many noticed how handsome their maknae, Jung Subin, is.

Netizens are not only impressed with his visuals, but also his skills. People commend him for being able to both rap and sing, as well as having above average dancing. Truly a triple threat!

People are also saying that he has oppa visuals…

… But as the maknae of the group and a younger brother to three noonas, he’s actually full of aegyo!

Netizens are encouraging people to look into not only Jung Subin, but the talent group that is VICTON!

Source: Pann