People Have Divided Opinions Over BTS Jungkook’s Hand Tattoos

Two different opinions.

Ever since BTS‘s return from their vacation, Jungkook has been sporting hand tattoos. The tattoos are meant to represent his love for ARMYs, but people have wondered if they are actual tattoos or hennas he gets redone.

While many fans have adored the tattoos and their meanings, some people have expressed their distaste for it. People have commented that after the vacation, Jungkook appears to have changed, with some going as far as to call his tattoos “strange”. Netizens comment how due to how big BTS is in Korea and worldwide, not a single member should have tattoos as it could ruin their reputation.

He’s really strange after the vacation. I know it’s his body but I want him to stop.

– Korean Netizen

Fans and netizens alike have stood up for Jungkook, however. Many have pointed out how other idols have tattoos, so it shouldn’t make a difference that Jungkook has some. Some have also noted how tattoos are a form of expression, and the fact that Jungkook chose to permanently etch his love for ARMYs on his skin is beautiful. Fans also mention how it’s Jungkook’s money and he can do whatever he wants with it.

If he wants to, he will get tattoos. Beautiful or not beautiful, why is that so important? Should he always move while considering other people’s opinions?

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo