People Are Falling For ITZY’s Yeji’s Gorgeous Side Profile


Now, it’s common knowledge that ITZY‘s Yeji is gorgeous, with many people complimenting her fox-like visuals even prior to her debut. Now, netizens and fans alike are praising her for her flawless side profile.

People agree that her face shape is seriously perfect, which is why she looks gorgeous whether her hair is up or down. Netizens can’t help but comment how perfect the lines of her nose and lips are.

Fans can’t help but envy Yeji’s flawless features, commenting that her v-line makes her face look slim and charming and only further enhances her feline-like traits.

People wonder if Yeji is truly human, since she shows off how perfect she is more and more each day. One thing is for sure, and that’s that ITZY’s leader gets more gorgeous everyday.

Source: Pann