X1’s Minhee Looks Like These Fellow Idols And People Are Freaking Out

They look like they could be twins.

Earlier today, X1 member Kang Minhee‘s debut teaser was revealed to the public.

Fans couldn’t help gushing over his youthful good looks.

They especially love his blonde hair.

What got fans really freaked out though is Minhee‘s uncanny resemblance to a number of K-Pop idols. Here are some idols who look like they could be related to the Produce X 101 star.

1. NCT’s Jaemin

Out of all the mentions on this list, it is arguably Jaemin whose facial features most resemble Minhee‘s.

With their identical mouths, noses, and jawline, it is no surprise that the two look similar in almost any angle.

2. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

The next on this list is MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon. The two may have a slight age difference but they certainly still look alike. 

Hyungwon and Minhee have an identical ethereal atmosphere that surrounds them, making fans point out how prince-like they are.

3. NU’EST’s Ren

Third is NU’EST’s maknae Ren. Both are known for their slim builds and delicate features, having caught the attention of the public for their pretty looks since the start.

4. Former EXO Member Luhan

Last on the list is former EXO member Luhan. He may no longer be promoting as an idol in Korea, but his looks are definitely still universally acknowledged. His small face and doe-like eyes resemble Minhee‘s, as if he were his older brother.

Meanwhile, X1 will be releasing their mini album “Quantum Leap” on August 27, 6PM.




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