People Love Nintendo’s Reaction To This Blind Little Boy’s Letter

Nintendo‘s sweet response to receiving a letter from a young boy who has lost his sight shows just how much they care for each and every customer. 

The young boy, Hibiki, lost his sight at just 2-years-old but hasn’t let that ruin his passion for video games. While many games are difficult to play without vision, he has been able to enjoy one series in particular. He’s mastered the Nintendo series Rhythm Tengoku, a game which uses music and sounds to test the players’ rhythm more than pictures.

Hibiki’s father explained on Twitter that he wrote to Nintendo to express how much he loves the series and how thankful he is that Nintendo has given him a way to enjoy video games just like everyone else.

“Hello, I am Hibiki, a 5th grade elementary school student. I am blind, but I have always wanted to enjoy games like everybody else.

But, I cannot play many games at all. Rhythm Tengoku, it’s the only game I can play with others, and I never lose at it!

So I really hope you can make more Rhythm Tengoku Games, and it’s okay if they’re a little more difficult too!

I think there are many other kids with visual impairments who want to enjoy video games but can’t, so I hope you can make games for people with disabilities to enjoy with others.”

— Hibiki 

Nintendo replied to this message with a heartwarming response, thanking Hibiki and expressing that they will keep on trying to make games for everyone. As well as a written copy, they also sent a message in Braille for Hibiki to read himself, showing how much they cared about this elementary school student.


“Thank you so much for sending us a letter. We are so happy that you enjoy and perfected the Rhythm Tengoku games.

We sent your letter to the development department. We want to keep on making games that everyone can enjoy, so we are thankful for your support.”

— Nintendo

They also sent a Braille version for Hibiki to read!

Source: AsianCrush