People Are Loving SF9 Rowoon’s Everyday Fashion

Amazing visuals + amazing fashion.

SF9‘s Rowoon has been praised for many things; his visuals, his vocals, his acting skills. Now, the idol is being honored for his outstanding everyday fashion sense.

rowoon rowoon1

Thanks to the idol’s model-like stature, he looks great in any outfits. Fans especially love how he looks in coats and winter gear since it only heightens his already long legs.

rowoon2 rowoon3

People also note that any color matches him and that nothing seems to wash Rowoon out. Whenever he walks, he turns the area into a runway.

rowoon4 rowoon5

Many agree that Rowoon perfectly exemplifies the boyfriend-idol look or an idol who would look like an amazing boyfriend. He’s handsome, he’s tall, he’s good at singing, and he’s good at dancing. He’s perfect.

rowoon6 rowoon8

Source: Pann
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