People Outraged Over WINNER’s Lazy And Unflattering Styling

“The stylists killed their individuality.”

Korean fans on Twitter are outraged over WINNER‘s lazy styling and are demanding that they get new stylists.

Netizens found instances in which the stylists put minimum effort into the stage outfits. One noticed how instead of getting a better fitting jacket or making said jacket shorter, they simply folded it in.

People also found that their vests were poorly made, with the ends not hemmed properly.

In terms of hair and make-up. member Jinwoo received major backlash when he sported flat, sticky hair. Many netizens made fun of the idol, with people joking that he looked as if he didn’t shower.

Fans brought back this interview, in which Jinwoo was asked what his most recent white lie was. He revealed that he lied that he liked how his hair was styled, but he actually didn’t like it.

Fans comment that the members all get the same make-up styles, despite how they all have different eye shapes. This had led fans to accuse their make-up artists of being lazy for giving them the same look.

The stylists killed their individuality.

– Korean Netizen

Fans say that all the members are handsome, with amazing proportions and heights.

Somehow, the stylists make them look smaller. Many believe it is due to how ill-fitting the clothes are on the members.

Fans are begging YG Entertainment to hire stylists who will carefully make WINNER look good, and to fire their current stylist for how badly they make the members look.

Source: Pann