People Are Saying Park Bo Gum’s New Hairstyle Is Way Too Long

Fans are saying Park Bo Gum’s hairstyle is way too long, but that he’s still as good looking as ever!

Park Bo Gum attended the VIP preview of the new movie “Be With You” starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin with the longest hair he’s ever worn.


Park Bo Gum generally had a clean-cut image with a decent-lengthed hairstyle.


On this day, he appeared with significantly longer hair than usual.


According to fans, he looks more gentle with his new hairdo.


Fans also mentioned that only Park Bo Gum would be able to pull off this look so well.


And that he’ll look good no matter what.


His handsome face isn’t going anywhere, even if it’s covered by his long hair!


Source: Nate Pann