People Are Saying These Two JYP Artists Could Pass Off As Siblings

Are you sure they aren’t related?

Recently, netizens have noticed how similar DAY6‘s Wonpil and Stray KidsSeungmin look and are convinced that they are secretly siblings!

Fans can’t help but point out how similar the two look, especially when they wear glasses. STAYs found this photo of Seungmin during his school days…

… and were reminded of this photo of Wonpil during a fansign!

When the two wear rounded glasses, they resemblance just stands out.

But even without glasses, many are saying the Wonpil could easily pass off as Seungmin’s older brother.


The two have a six year age gap, and fans believe the two could have a pretty cute brother-dynamic with how similar they look! Not only that, they are both vocalists, and fans are hoping the two brothers, er, JYP artists will share a stage together one day!


Source: Pann