EXO’s Kai And Lovelyz’s Mijoo Once Revealed They’re Both Introverts And People Couldn’t Believe It—Here’s Why

“I don’t know if people believe it.”

On an episode of Amazing Saturday‘s Idol Dictation Contest, the special idol cast discussed everyone’s Myers Briggs personality types (MBTI) and some were shocked by EXO‘s Kai And Loveyz‘s Mijoo.

During the episode, the show’s host Boom mentioned that out of the whole idol cast, Kai was the only introvert (INFJ). Kai explained that he is, in fact, an introvert and while many fans find him to be on the more quiet side, others in the cast were shocked.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to be outgoing. I’m quiet and calm. I don’t know if people believe that.

— Kai

Well, it appears that some people did find Kai’s introverted personality hard to believe. SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan hilariously scoffed at Kai’s explanation and commented, “On the last shoot, he was the third most distracting person.” Kai replied, “I felt the energy of the members.”

VIXX‘s Ravi also confirmed Kai’s introverted personality and shared that he is indeed quiet and hard to get close with. Ravi also shared that Kai was truly impressed by his fellow extroverted castmates during the past shootings.

Usually Kai is very quiet. It’s hard to get close to him. I was sitting next to him. What he said the most was, ‘Wow, impressive.’

— Ravi

While it seemed that Kai was the only introverted personality in the room, Boom revealed that Mijoo also has an “I” in her MBTI type (ISFP). Everyone was shocked and questioned whether it was a joke.

For those unfamiliar with Mijoo, she seems to be the exact opposite of shy. Instead, Mijoo has amazing energy, a bubbly vibe, an outgoing personality, and a hilarious comedic side. Although there are a lot of reasons to believe Mijoo is an extrovert, Mijoo claimed, “I’m actually really shy” to which everyone immediately disagreed.

Mijoo conveyed that she merely likes to stay home alone rather than go out with friends.

A homebody. I really like being alone. I really like silence. I’m lively when I get closer to people, but it’s hard to speak if we’re not close.

— Mijoo

Despite Mijoo’s explanation, Golden’ Child‘s Jangjun mentioned, “The first time we met she said, ‘Hey do a rap'” and everyone couldn’t help but giggle.

Following everything, Kai and Mijoo were about the one people talking and Boom claimed, “Our two ‘I’s’ are the loudest around here.”

Check out the clip below: