People Speculate That Taeyeon Will Be Singing The Korean “Frozen 2” OST

People believe it’s her.

Recently, Disney Korea‘s official Instagram account posted photos leaving hints on who the singer of their Korean OST will be.

They left three hints for the fans to guess who the mystery singer will be.

The hints are:

  1. All-around versatile singer
  2. Digital powerhouse people love and listen to
  3. White skin that seem like it’s never been burnt

With these hints, netizens immediately started speculating that Taeyeon will be one singing the OST. Notably, people claim the silhouette looks like this photo of Taeyeon from her “Four Seasons” photoshoot.

People also noted that prior to Disney Korea’s Instagram post, Taeyeon was spotted liking posts about Frozen 2 before and even liked their posts concerning the movie.

Could it actually be Taeyeon? We’ll have to wait and see for the update!

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