People Still Can’t Stop Freaking Out Over Red Velvet Irene’s Visuals In The “Psycho” Music Video

Gorgeous leader Irene.

Following the release of Red Velvet‘s latest music video, “Psycho,” people can’t get over how gorgeous their leader Irene is.

The idol sported many unique looks in the music video, but she looks equally gorgeous with all of them. One of the looks she rocked included simple eye make-up but a dark, red lip, making her look mature, sexy, and sophisticated. Not even the large dangling earrings can distract people from Irene’s visuals!


Another iconic look is her sparkling make-up, rocking dazzling champagne-colored eyeshadow, blue contacts, and a coral lip. The idol is decked out in bling, yet people’s eyes immediately gravitate towards Irene’s face. Many fans are saying that the concept fits Irene perfectly, making her look like a queen.


The last look Irene rocked is just as gorgeous as the other two. Wearing jewels on her eyes and with her hair slicked back in a ponytail, the idol’s beauty truly shines with nothing covering her face. Many Reveluvs comments that even if her hair is all tied back, there’s nothing to bash regarding her visuals. She’s perfect.


With the stunning make-up and outfits, it’s genuinely Irene’s aura that elevates the look. Fans are excited to see the performance of “Psycho,” knowing well that Irene will dominate the stage.

Source: Pann

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