People Are Thirsting Pretty Hard For Jungkook Now That He’s Thicc

Jungkook’s thicc now and everyone’s thirsting over him.

BTS’s maknae, Jungkook, is an adult now, and if his newly defined features aren’t proof enough, his thighs sure are. The Golden Maknae has been killing fans with his thighs since their “I Need You” era, but in recent days he’s filled out even more.



From this adorable state…


To this.


Take a moment to catch your breath. Now.. check out the thighs occupy fangirls’ thoughts 24/7.


Someone get ARMYs some water!


Some claim his thighs will be the death of them. Let’s hope Jungkook’s thighs don’t cause a pandemic, but it’ll be hard not to catch the virus.


Need a few more Jungkook goodness? Here’s a few images and GIFs that should be enough to keep you smiling for the next day or so.