Fans Have Found The Perfect Characters That Match TWICE’s Nayeon And SHINee’s Key

This is something we never knew we needed!

Recently, TWICE’s Nayeon and SHINee’s Key filmed a TikTok video together for TWICE’s new track, “Talk that Talk” and gained much attention online. An online community board couldn’t help but compare the two to Zootopia’s Nick and Judy. 

Netizens found it hilarious that these two looked so much like the characters from the movie without any props or headbands.

Do you see the similarities between the two?

| Walt Disney Animation Studios

| Fanpop

Netizens were also shocked to see just how similar they looked to the characters!

  • “Omg they really do look similar…”
  • “I’ve never thought about this before but their faces really match each other well.”
  • “This is something I’ve never thought of but they really do look alike!”
  • “I always think of Nayeon when I see that rabbit.”
Source: nate pann