The Person Who Stuck With WANNA ONE Even After Disbandment

He’s always there for the boys.

Even though WANNA ONE has disbanded, there is one person who has stuck by them; and that is their security guard.

Their security guard, who fans have called Dear Ahjussi, even has a fansite of the same name. Dear Ahjussi was close to the boys of WANNA ONE and showed great chemistry with the boys, so many fans were upset that their paths would separate once WANNA ONE disbands.

But he was soon seen with the boys despite the disbandment.

Here he is in January with Lee Daehwi, now a member of AB6IX.

In February, he was seen with Ong Seongwoo.

He was seen in London with Kim Jaehwan.

And was also the security guard at Han Sungwoon‘s fan sign!

In March, he was seen with Yoon Jisung.

He was also the security guard at Ong Seongwoo’s fan sign in April. A fan even asked to shake hands with Dear Ahjussi before she shook hands with Seongwoo!

He was the security guard during Yoon Jisung’s enlistment day.

Even when two members had the same event of the same day (in this case, Han Sungwoon and Kim Jaehwan), he stood by both of their sides.

In official videos, there would be mosaic over the other staff members, but Dear Ahjussi is so well-loved and known by the fans that they don’t bother putting mosaic over his face!

Many commented that he seemed to genuinely love the boys of WANNA ONE and are glad that he is still able to be with them despite their disbandment.

Source: Pann

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