Philippine Film Goes Viral For Scene Depicting BTS ARMY Character

ARMYs thought she was so relatable.

A Philippine film is going viral on TikTok due to its depiction of a BTS ARMY character.

The now-viral clip begins with a young man approaching a young woman when she notices he is hurt. She begins to search through her bag when he starts asking her questions.

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The man asked her, “What’s your name?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?” Appearing uninterested in entertaining the guy, she replied, “I’m married… to Jungkook. I’m Jungkook’s wife,” referencing BTS‘s Jungkook.


The woman then puts the bandaid on his small injury. It shows a close-up of the bandaid that reads, “MRS. JK” with a purple heart.


The video went viral with 161.4K views at the time of writing. ARMYs agreed the scene couldn’t be more relatable and that the female lead was “so real.” 


Movie is called An Incovinient Love in case someone wants to watch it. I haven’t finished it so imma go see if its any good 😊 #bts #armybts #jungkookbts #junkookie #kpopfyp #kpop #filipinomovie #jinbts #namjoon #suga #V #jhope #jimin

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The film is a Philippine romantic-comedy titled An Inconvenient Love, starring Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan as Ayef and Manny, respectively. These are the two that were in the viral clip too.

It follows Ayef. She has no time for love because of her dream of becoming an animator. She meets Manny, and they agree to a convenient relationship that will expire on the month she is set to leave for Singapore.

— IMDb

“An Inconvenient Love” poster

An Inconvenient Love was released in November 2022 and is available to stream via Netflix.

Source: jackie_the_stay

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