Philosophy Professor Analyzed Why The World Has Fallen For BTS

She believes BTS’s message is something everyone should hear.

Professor Lee Ji Young from Sejong University is a fellow ARMY and has written a book about BTS and their success. She shared her thoughts on what makes BTS so successful worldwide.

BTS songs have ______________.

She explained that BTS’s songs don’t end with just one message but is rather a continuation of messages that are intertwined with all the songs in an album or even from their debut. Many of the topics covered in their songs include social criticism, struggles, and prejudice.

She revealed that they even talk about the 21st century rankings in society of those that are privileged and of those that are not. Their song “Baepsae” talks about how the press and older generations expect young people to work harder.

________ is what differentiates BTS from others.

The most important aspect of BTS is their message continues to grow and evolve as time goes on. If they just sang songs that producers wrote for them, the sincerity of the message would not have moved the hearts of fans. The continuation of their message from every song and album are all produced and written by the members themselves and all their performances are done live even with such advanced choreography. This allows fans to understand and appreciate their message of the daily struggles we face in society today. The fact that they are creating their own voice in society is what makes them different from anyone else today.

When the older generation thinks of idols, they think of perfectly trained boys and girls that are configured to do as their agency is told. This is the biggest stereotype that the older generation has on young artists and idols today. BTS’s ability to break down these stereotypes is what made their success possible.

BTS’s secret to success is not social media but _____________.

Many people wonder how a Korean idol group became so famous in the states and around the world. Many people assume that it is due to social media, but it’s actually simpler than that. When you see stars like Michael Jackson or Led Zeppelin, you don’t question how they got so famous because it’s quite easy to see how talented and great they are. It’s the same with BTS. They’re songs are catchy and goes with the trends and still has a meaningful message behind it. It’s hard not to like them after seeing their energy on stage. In terms of language barriers, it’s the same as if a foreigner listens to Michael Jackson. They may not know what it means, but they enjoy the music and the energy. BTS has fans all over the world because of their good music and intentions.

She ended her interview with this: “Music has the power and potential to deliver universal messages to the world.”

Do you agree with Professor Lee on her thoughts about BTS?