Blurry Phone Camera Photos Still Manage To Capture This Rookie Idol’s Blinding Visuals

He looked like a work of art at KCON LA.

KCON 2019 LA recently took place, which was attended by many idol groups representing Korea such as IZ*ONE, NU’EST, AB6IX, MAMAMOO, and ITZY.

Among the countless stars, AB6IX’s Kim Donghyun drew overwhelming attention with his stunning visuals.

And the fans that attended the event captured him with their phone cameras and shared then for all to see.

Despite the photos being a little blurry, it was still clear that Kim Donghyun looked like a work of art that evening.

Regardless of the quality of the photos, Kim Donghyun’s handsome face was accurately captured for all fans to admire.

Fans who saw these photos also showed much love for his visuals with comments such as “But he looks even better in real life” and “Most people don’t look this good even if they use the best cameras and angles“.

Source: Insight