Photo compilation of Kim Yuna to prove that she has one of the best body lines

Many female idol group members have been praised for having incredible proportions and body lines. And while dance practice definitely helps idols stay fit and develop athletic bodies, intense exercise such as figure skating has also proven to produce amazing results as well. In fact, while there are many sexy idols in the Korean entertainment industry, some experts have praised former Olympic figure skater and gold medalist Kim Yuna for having one of the best body lines.

kim yuna 1

kim yuna 2

kim yuna 3

kim yuna 4

kim yuna 5

kim yuna 6

kim yuna 7

kim yuna 8

kim yuna 9

kim yuna 10

kim yuna 11

kim yuna 12

kim yuna 13

kim yuna 14

kim yuna 15

Source: Instiz