This Photo Of NCT’s Mark With SHINee Has Fans Mistaking Them For NCT Dream

“Is this SHINee Dream?”

Fans of NCT and SHINee have stumbled across a photo that has them doing a double-take, unsure whether or not to believe what they’re seeing.

With NCT’s Mark standing in the middle of SHINee as they do NCT’s signature hand gesture, it looks like they’re all the same group. SHINee’s youthful appearances and colorful outfits also have fans making a funny comparison.

They couldn’t help but think SHINee could be NCT Dream members. One fan even joked the photo looks like they’re preparing for a “Chewing Gum” performance.

This fan summed it up the best by asking if what they were seeing was “SHINee Dream.”

One thing’s for sure, the photo has given everyone a good laugh. Now, everyone needs to know when SHINee Dream will debut.