A Photo of TWICE Sana’s Mother Goes Viral Because She Looks like Sana’s Sister

Sana’s charming “eye smile” has to have come from somewhere.

An old photo of TWICE‘s Sana and her mother is currently trending on various online communities and social media because of how stunning Sana’s mother looked.

The shared photo shows Sana and her mother enjoying a fun day together at an amusement park.

And what drew just as much attention as Sana’s outstanding visuals was her mother’s visuals and how much it resembled the features that Sana flaunts now.

Her high cheekbones, high nose bridge, and thin jawline resemble that of Sana perfectly.


In the past, Sana’s mother also appeared on Mnet’s TWICE’S Private Life and shocked everyone with her beauty then as well.

Many fans believe that Sana definitely inherited many facial features from her mother and that Sana’s charming “eye smile” had to come from somewhere.

Source: Insight


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