K-Pop Fan Discovers Photocard Included In American Band’s Album

It’s from 2005!

One thing that makes K-Pop albums stand out from others is its inclusions. When we purchase from artists of other genres, we can still expect to receive a CD, but it seldom comes with anything more than its protective case or a mini booklet. Netizens often joke that Western artists might soon add more inclusions, such as photocards, to capitalize off the success of K-Pop. Yet, some artists have included photocards even before it was on trend in K-Pop!

Nikki (@kang.yonghyun on TikTok) thrifted a CD for 99 cents from a local record store chain. She has collected albums from artists she enjoyed throughout her childhood.

Her latest addition to the collection is a copy of Greetings from Imrie House, debut studio album by American rock band the Click Five, released in 2005. It looked like an average jewel case, usually only containing a CD and a small booklet.

Nikki is used to the booklet containing lyrics, artist statements, and just a few photos. Yet, when she pulled out the booklet this time, she discovered something else. She found what appeared to be a collectible photocard or trading card of lead guitarist Joe Guese.

The video went viral with 83.7K views at the time of writing. Watch it below.


who’s your bias in the click five 😂 #multistan #multifandom #kpop #kpopfyp #theclickfive #2000snostalgia

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