WayV’s Ten and YangYang Brought All The Hilarious Retro Vibes To Their Glamour Photo Shoot

Just add retro inspired glamour shoots to the long list of concepts WayV can pull off!

WayV‘s Ten and YangYang had WayZenNis laughing hysterically a few days ago when they posted pictures from their retro inspired glamour shoot on Instagram, and we finally got a behind the scenes look at their photo shoot!

Ten (left) and YangYang (right) in a picture from their glamour photo shoot | @yangyang_x2/Instagram

In a video from Ten and YangYang’s glamour photo shoot, we got a glimpse into how the hilarious photos were created.

Before the photoshoot began, the two WayV members sat down with a photographer to come up with a theme for the shoot.

YangYang (left) and Ten (right) meet with a photographer to decide on a theme for their photo shoot. | WayV/YouTube

Ten and YangYang decided to go with a ’70s and ’90s inspired theme to celebrate good memories, as well as a theme that combines outer space, action, and comedy.

Ten tells the photographer about his idea to combine outer space, action, and comedy during the photo shoot. | WayV/YouTube

Once they picked out the themes, Ten and YangYang started the photo shoot, and the photographers gave them hilarious directions to bring out the awkward glamour shoot vibes!

YangYang went first for the ’70s and ’90s part of the shoot, and the photographer told him to look a bit awkward and smile with only his teeth.

YangYang poses during the glamour shoot | WayV/YouTube

When it was Ten’s turn to take his photos, the photographer told him to act like his parents brought him to the studio to get portraits taken but he doesn’t like taking pictures.

“Let’s say your parents brought you here and you don’t like to take pictures. So you are forcing yourself to smile, but just smile with your teeth.” | WayV/YouTube

Both YangYang and Ten perfectly captured the comical vibes the photographer was going for and totally nailed the ’70s and ’90s themed portion of their photoshoot.

| @yangyang_x2/Instagram

Once the two WayV members moved onto the next section of their photo shoot, the hilarity got kicked up a notch!

The photographer told Ten and YangYang to imagine they were action heroes fighting against evil creatures.

“The two of you should pretend to fight against some bad creatures here.” | WayV/YouTube

As the photographer snapped pictures, Ten and YangYang struck poses and tried not to laugh.

| WayV/YouTube

During Ten’s solo shoot, the photographer told him to pose like he’s shooting fireballs out of his hands, and Ten nailed the pose on the first try.

| WayV/YouTube

Both Ten and YangYang perfectly followed the photographers’ directions during the shoot, and we’ll never be over the pics they shared from their glamour shoot!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.


Source: Image (1) and (2) and YouTube