[★TRENDING] Photos capture TWICE filming new music video in Canada

TWICE were recently spotted in Canada, filming something that fans speculate is a music video.

Image Source: @TWICE_SCH

One lucky fan was at the location of the filming, and managed to record a snippet of them dancing.

The snippet immediately went viral, and fans began wondering if they were shooting a music video or a CF.

Shortly after it went viral, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE were indeed filming a new music video in British Columbia, Canada.

“It’s true that TWICE filmed their music video in Canada, but the comeback period has yet to be decided.”

— JYP Entertainment

Image Source: @twicebr

To protect their comeback song from being leaked, TWICE made sure to set up the necessary measures to keep it protected.

Image Source: @twicebr

We’re definitely excited and can’t wait to see what they’ll bring next!

Image Source: @twicebr

Source: Sports Chosun