Photos That Captured The Most Beautiful Moments Of The 6 Most Beautiful Idols

Every celebrity has a peak era in which they captivated the public’s hearts the most. Here are the moments of the most legendary photos of the hottest Korean female celebrities from recent years. 

SuzyKang So RaSeolhyunSulliPark Shin Hye, and Sohee and a few of the top household names of the best visuals of the decade. The girls are known for being multitalented and possessing amazing figures and beautiful faces. Netizens have collected the most legendary moments of the female celebrities to represent the beauty of the twenties.


Suzy at a fan sign for Beanpole, a brand that she endorses.
Her beauty shines as she communicates with fans and generously signs posters.
Her blossoming visuals were legendary on this day.

Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra modeled for the soft drink Sprite two summers ago alongside iKON‘s Bobby!
Her enviable body clearly shows why she was chosen to endorse the soft drink.
Kang So Ra sports a green and blue striped crop top and white shorts to match the colors of the soft drink.



Seolhyun created a sensation with her beautiful gown during the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards.
Her visuals are no joke.
Her innocent face captures the hearts of many.


The wind make Sulli’s red carpet appearance seem like a photoshoot.
Sulli’s face definitely has peach-like beauty.
Her beautiful bright smile and Marilyn Monroe moment remind the public why she is one of the top visuals of Korea.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye’s beauty radiates as she poses on a red carpet.
Her beautiful dress makes her look like a princess.
Her outstanding visuals are legendary.


Sohee looks like a barbie doll as she struts down the carpet.
Her pink minidress brings out her feminine side.
Sohee’s dumpling-like visuals are cute yet sexy.

Source: Dispatch