Photos Emerge Of G-Dragon After Receiving Injury In The Army

But he’s getting along well with others!

Fans have become very worried about G-Dragon‘s health after finding photos where he was sitting with what appeared to be a blue ankle brace or cast.


Then, a new photo emerged showing G-Dragon surrounded by fellow servicemen. While that is normal, what G-Dragon had on wasn’t—he was wearing an arm sling!


Fans are very concerned for his well-being and hope that he stays healthy.

  • “Your ankle is hurt AND your arm is hurt? Get better soon.”

  • “Don’t get sick!”

  • “Is it the same ankle he hurt at a concert?”

  • “I hope he is okay!”

  • “Stay healthy!”


Soon after the pictures were posted G-Dragon sent out another picture to try and reassure fans.


He also managed to show through all of these photos that he is getting along well with his fellow servicemen. Hopefully, with their support, he can overcome his injuries and will get better soon!

Source: Ilgan Sports