Photos of GOT7’s Jackson Waving The Hong Kong Flag Resurface After He Expresses Support For One China

People commented on how patriotic Jackson used to be.

With the ongoing controversy concerning Chinese stars supporting the “One China” policy – a policy that states that Hong Kong and Taiwan are part of China – netizens have dug up photos of GOT7‘s Jackson Wang waving the Hong Kong flag in the past.

In the past, Jackson was seen as very patriotic and loving towards Hong Kong. He would bring the flag of Hong Kong with him in the airport to show off his love for his hometown. He would even wear a cap that had the flag on it.

Now, however, Jackson has been vocal about his support for China and the “One China Policy”. During GOT7’s world tour concert in the U.S. and Chile, Jackson was seen proudly showing of China’s red flag of five stars.

In his “Papillon” music video, he is seen wearing a China flag hoodie.

In his Weibo, he has openly supported the policy despite being from Hong Kong.

In the airport, Jackson was also seen with a Chinese flag neck pillow, further proving his loyalties to China.

Many fans have shown disappointment with Jackson’s choices, with peope saying he was born and raised in Hong Kong and how as a rookie, he would always say he was from Hong Kong. People believe that now that he is popular in China and is gaining money from there, his allegiance has changed and thus did not remain loyal to Hong Kong.

Money makes people change like that.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo