Photos of this idol prove that she’s still beautiful even when you can’t see her face

These glorious pictures of IU show how her flowing luscious hair makes her look absolutely stunning and sexy from behind.

Pictures of IU’s back have recently been garnering much attention for how amazing she looks even from this angle. IU is known for her youthful beauty and milky skin, but many were astonished by the fact that she looks just as gorgeous from behind when you can’t see her face.

These photos, taken from the stage as she had her back turned, show off her petite figure and beautiful long locks.

Check out how breathtaking she could be just by looking at her back!

IU is looking sexy with her beautiful long hair and slim figure.

Although she’s just wearing casual clothes, her aura emitting from her back view screams hot celebrity!

Her long flowing hair gives off a chic vibe.

A shoulder length hairstyle really gives IU a really feminine and mature look.

With short hair, IU looks like a porcelain doll or a little fairy from the back.

A picture that looks like it came out from a fairytale!


She’s just walking through the airport, but why does she look so good while doing so?